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    Configure ldap as a JMS provider


      Hi ,

      Scenario :

      My MQ is IBM Websphere MQ, and I have a LDAP server to locate the MQ JNDI namespace.

      Now i will have to configure a JMS provider , Queues, Topics, QCF, TCF in JBOSS. So any ideas how can we accomplish this?


      Below is the one we tried.


      1) Installed Resource Adapter for Webpshere MQ, but this did not work out, because we are not finding any options to provide ldap authentication to WebSphere MQ. It is expecting IP, Port, QMGR instead ExternalProviderUrl AND InitialCotextFactory.


      This was easily accomplished in WAS (WebSphere Application Server) , but we are not finding any options to do this in JBOSS.

      Please let me know if there are any ways to accomplish this through JBOSS.


      Thank you.