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    PathHandler exception on index page access

    Marcin Cieślak Newbie

      I am using WildFly Full 10.0.0.Beta1, standalone server.

      I set up an EAR with several modules. The EAR is deployed to "/lams" context path.

      The main module uses ServletExtension to catch authentication URLs and do some magic.


      deploymentInfo.addOuterHandlerChainWrapper(new HandlerWrapper() {

         public HttpHandler wrap(final HttpHandler handler) {

              return Handlers.path(handler).addExactPath("/j_security_check", new HttpHandler() {





      So a PathHandler is in use.


      When I access an exact resource, like this


      everything works fine.


      When I access just the context path


      PathHandler throws

      Exception handling request to /lams/: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -4


      The reason for that is PathHandler.handleRequest() method.

      It expects exchange.requestPath to be a full path.

      But in the method

      exchange.requestPath = /lams/

      exchange.relativePath = /index.jsp

      When getting the substring is attempted in line #89, it does not take into account that requestPath is not the full path, just the "browser path", and causes the exception.


      I do not create the exchange object myself, of course. Its values are filled by Undertow. When I check the exchange object early, at


      bothrequestPath and relativePath are already filled as above.


      Is it a bug? Or something I could fix by proper configuration?


      Thanks in advance!