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    Valid use @Stereotype?

    mark hesketh Newbie


      I have used @Stereotype like this (to aggregate a collection of WSS policy/WS configuration annotations).


      @Policy(placement = Policy.Placement.DEFAULT, uri = "usernametoken-only-profile.xml")

      @EndpointConfig(configFile = "WEB-INF/jaxws-endpoint-config.xml", configName = "iConnect-WSS-Endpoint-Config")

      @BindingType(value = SOAPBinding.SOAP12HTTP_BINDING)

      @HandlerChain(file = "/handler-chain.xml")




      public @interface RtaServiceSecurityPolicy {



      ... and I applied it like this:



      public class Blah...


      I'm getting the silent treatment from JBoss - it's not processing the @Stereotype. The annotations work 'standalone' when applied directly to the WS endpoint impl.


      Can these annotations be used via @Stereotype? We're on commercial JBoss EAP 6.3.2.


      Many thanks