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    Configuring Wildfly as standalone JNDI “<remote-naming/>”

    Kevin Newman Newbie

      Looking for examples of how to configure a Wildfly server to be very simple standalone JNDI namespace server.

      I would like to specify value pairs so that our external java applications can access and use the defined resources using JNDI API's.

      From the Documentation it is clear that I have to use the XML tag. <remote-naming />

      Remote JNDI Configuration

      The Naming subsystem configuration may be used to (de)activate the remote JNDI interface, which allows clients to lookup entries present in a remote WildFly instance.

      Only entries within the java:jboss/exported context are accessible over remote JNDI. In the subsystem's XML configuration, remote JNDI access bindings are configured through the XML element:

      <remote-naming />

      But what isn't clear is HOW to use it, I cant find any examples anywhere? Id imagine im looking for the wrong thing

      If I had the following object:

      String: MyFirstProperty

      How do Insert this into the <remote-naming /> tag so that Wildfly makes it available for me to retrieve?

      Also the Naming Subsystem does not appear in the Web Console for the server, is there some config I need to change to make the Naming Subsystem appear in the list.


      Thank you