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    Jboss Fuse 6.2, install custom features to profile in fabric

    Barbara De Vido Newbie


      I've the following problem when installing features in Fuse 6.2. I was able to do what I'm goin to describe in Fuse 6.1 but now in Fuse 6.2 I get an exception and it is not working anymore.

      By following a tutorial, I build a "multi module" project that has a features component in order to install all the needed bundles.

      I'm working on a fabric container with a child container.

      I create a new profile and then from hawtio console I try to add the feature repository. (BTW I have the same problem if I use the terminal console)

      The feature repository is added correctly (that's what hawtio says at least) but when I enter the hawtio console page to add any feature I see this in the log:

      org.eclipse.aether.resolution.ArtifactResolutionException: Could not find artifact it.mytria.demo:esercizio1-feature:xml:features:1.0.0 in karaf-default (file:C:/servers/fuse/system/)

      Of course, it is right, since I never installed the bundle in that folder, but I have it in my local .m2/repository

      Now, the question is, has anyone ever installed a custom feature in Jboss 6.2 and can help me get out from this situation?

      The only solution I found is to manually copy the feature and all the custom bundles indicated by the feature in the "/system" folder, but I never had to do this in Fuse 6.1 so I don't like this solution at all.

      Other thing, there is a conf file in Fuse 6.2 that has changed from Fuse 6.1, C:\servers\fuse\etc\io.fabric8.maven.cfg  and it is the only file I found pointing to the system folder... but I'm afraid that if I add the .m2 folder here then Fuse will try to search there any bundle even those that has to be really taken from system folder.

      So far I haven't find any other difference in the config file about maven repository.

      There is any good guy out there that know how to make this thing work?

      Please, if I missed some important information, let me know, I'll try my best to complete the question.

      Thank you very much.