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    BPMN2 Deployment on JBPM

    Abdul Wahab Newbie

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created BPMN2.0 file using Eclipse BPMN Modeler and now I want to deploy it on the JBPM 6.0 (For some reason I don't want to create the BPMN file on the JBPM console).


      I have copied my test.bpmn file now in the directory"/jbpm-installer/sample/evaluation/src/main/resources/"


      After that, since I don't need any FTL forms for my Business Process therefore I just created the "jar" package of the "png" file of the Business process. Now when I try to copy it in the "jbpm-installer/wildfly-8.1.0.Final/standalone/deployments/jbpm-console.war/WEB-INF/lib/" directory it does not allow me to do so in the war file.


      I restart the server without copying the "jar" file but I can't see my Process.


      Am I missing something?



      Abdul Wahab