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    RESTEasy version in EAP 6.4?

    Mike Shaffer Newbie



      Wondering why the version in EAP 6.4.0 of RESTEasy is 2.3.X and not the more recent 3.0.X?  Secondly, as an enterprise customer, why does your support agreement state:


      "Only the RESTEasy version that is shipped with the EAP will be supported in both production and development environment. Replacing the libraries or using a different version of RESTEasy than what we ship will be considered as a third party deployment and will not be supported"


      It would seem to me that as a JBoss property, upgrading the RESTEasy version, via the resteasy-jboss-modules-3.0.9.Final.zip provided with the standard RESTEasy distro, would be supported.....


      Just wondering...




      Mike Shaffer