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    Logging issues with Wildfly 9.0.1.Final and apache-camel

    Louis Gacke Newbie

      I am trying to get my application that is deployed in Wildfly to show the logs within the management interface.


      As it uses camel to route the messages camel uses the slf4j libraries with a binding to log4j.


      The same application, when it's testing in tomcat will show the logs in the catalina.out file.


      I have read many tutorials and guides and most of them instruct to remove any instances of the log4j or equivalent libraries as Wildfly will use its own. I cannot do this however as camel includes a reference to the slf4j-api lib via maven,

      I have tried to exclude this library and from the maven build and still had no effect.


      So far my results have either shown 0 logs from my application anywhere in Wildfly or errors informing me of class not found or no class def.


      Any pointers would be appreciated.