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    Business Central 6.1.GA - Where is the Data Assignment editor ?

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      I'm using JBoss BPM Suite 6.1.0.GA and trying to follow the document named Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 Development Guide to create a business process using a business rule task. The chapter 6.1.4 Create and Execute your First Rule with Business Central, at the paragraph 5. Create a Business process and add a Business Rule Task, the point e), is stating the following:


      Select the Business Rule Task and set the following properties in the Properties panel under Core Properties:

      • Name:Rule_Task

      • DataInputSet

        When you click on the DataInputSet field, an editor for Data Input opens. Click Add Data Input and provide the data input elements. For example:

        • Name:person_Task
        • Defined Types:org.bpms.myproject.Person

          Click Ok.

      • Assigments

        When you click on the Assigments field, an editor for Data Assignments opens. Provide the assignment values here. For example:

        • Assignment Type: DataInput
        • From Object:person_proc

        • Assignment Type: is mapped to

        • To Object:person_Task

        • Ruleflow Group: MyProjectGroup

      But there is no any Assignments property in the Core Properties list. Instead, I have DataInputSet, DataOutputSet, Name, RuleFlowGroup, Task Type and Task to Complete. The "Task to complete" field has a click icon which opens an editor, as shown below:



      I suppose that the property "Task to complete" have somhow replaced the Assignments one as the editor is similar to the one presented in the documentation. Here I configure the following properties:

      Assignment Type: DataInput

      AssignMent Type: is mapped to

      To Object: person_Task


      but I don't know how to configure the "From Object" property. the documentation uses here something named "person_proc" but this item is not defined and I don't know how to define it and where.


      Please help.


      Kind regards,