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    Websphere MQ Resource adapter issue


      We deployed one MDB on jboss 7 application server.  MDB is listening to queue exists on Websphere MQ server.

      Its creating multiple connections at some time interval and later causing issues in obtaining further connections . Below are the version of software being used.


      Jboss  - JBoss Portal Platform 6.1.0 (AS 7.2.1.Final-redhat-10)

      wmq.jmsra.rar  -

      Websphere MQ - 7.1


      But same adapter is working fine with Jboss 5.1 application server.

      And if we upgrade adapter to , its working fine with jboss 7.


      Upgrading adapter is not an option as existing adapter is working fine with jboss 5.1. SoI dont have any clear justification why I should go to updated adapter.

      Please advise, how to proceed on this.