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    Strange behavior on dataTables on dynamic tabs.

    Luis Garcia Newbie

      I've noticed a strange behavior on the <rich:datatable> and their <rich:dataScroller> when they are created through a set of dynamic tabs using <a4j:repeat>

      The behavior in question is that if I use the DataScroller/Paginator on the first tab's table and select the second page, but the second tab contains a table with only one page worth of data, when I switch top the second tab, the table of the second tab shows up as blank.


      This is different than the behavior when a set of collapsible panels have tables with dataScrollers - when you open the collapsible panel the table will always be set to the first page of the dataScroller.


      I don't know if this is a bug or my code needs to be updated.


      <rich:tabPanel styleClass="centered">
          <a4j:repeat value="#{viewEmployee.employeeStartLetters}" var="letter">
                <rich:tab header="#{letter}">
                    <rich:dataTable rowClasses="row_1,row_2" rowKeyVar="rowKV" rows="#{rows}" styleClass="centered" value="#{value}" var="var">
                          <f:facet name="header">
                              <rich:dataScroller boundaryControls="hide" fastControls="hide" rendered="#{value.size() gt rows}"/>
                          <rich:column label="#" value="#{rowKV+1}."/>


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