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    What are the Source|Target Technologies currently supported by Windup 2.3?

    Rafael Soares (Tuelho) Novice

      What are the currently supported Source/Target Technologies in Windup 2.3.0?


      When I hit '--listSourceTechnologies' or '--listTargetTechnologies' only 'Spring' appears in the output. See:


      ~/opt/community/windup-distribution-2.3.0.Final/bin $
      > ./windup --listSourceTechnologiesAvailable
      source technologies:
      > ./windup --listTargetTechnologies
      Available target technologies:
         <nothing appears here>...


      I saw some examples using 'eap4,eap5' for Source and 'eap6' for Target.


      Do I need to install some kind of plugin to support specific source/target technologies?