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    wildfly 9 - web console not working correctly ?

    Ralph Soika Apprentice


      I just installed wildfly 9.0.1 and tried to setup one of my EAR projects there.

      But I am a little bit confused after one hour of trying to configure security realm and database connection via web console or directly in standalone.xml file.

      I have different instances of wildfly 8.2 running locally and in production. Wildfly 8 works fine for me. Only the user interface to configure databases, security, or mail from the web admin console was frustrating. So I hoped now that wilfly 9 will improve this. There is a new web interface. But again it looks to me that the web interface is not working. For example I try to configure a database security domain. I have to setup the login-modul 'Database' and the login-module 'RoleMapping'. In each module I have to configure several 'module-option'. But when I click between the module configurations, the module options are not displayed in the web interface correctly. Also in most cases if I try to edit some option other options will be delete or overwritten. So the Web interface seems not be useful for configuration.

      Is this a known issue? Is it recommended ot edit the standalone.xml file directly?


      Thanks for help or hints.