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    How to implement/configure JAAS on EAP 6.X?

    vinit patel Newbie

      I am trying to implement and configure JAAS on EAP 6.X. I find it little hard because my requirement is different then traditional user-name/password combination. In my case, our application require three parameters user-name, domain and password. Basically, domain is something like a branch locations where there are more than 600 possible values. So, the role of the user is determined by the selection of the domain. e.g. "John Doe" may be a "branch-manager" for "New York" domain. However, he may be a "Cashier" for "Boston" domain.


      So, on the log on screen, user is required to enter:


      1. username

      2. domain (a drop down value, preferably an AJAX call based on the value entered in the user-name field.)

      3. password


      Our application uses Primeface 5.x JSF. Also, we want to use AJAX to select drop down values based on username to narrow down the selection instead of showing over 600 domain values. Is it possible to implement this kind of solution using JAAS?  If so, how do I do that? So far, all the examples I have seen have only username/password using J_security_check. How, can I use j_security_check with an additional parameter "domain"?