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    WildFly 9 and Hibernate Multitenant options

    John Ament Master

      I'm wondering if there are any best practice notes for using Hibernate Multitenancy w/ WildFly 9.  I assumed that the connections would be managed since I'm using JTA and a managed datasource.  Should I infact be releasing connections on release (connection.close())?  Is there any wildfly specific classes I should extend or reflect in my configuration?

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          jaikiran pai Master

          I don't fully understand the question. The first part seems to be about Hibernate multi-tenancy and the second about connection management through datasources. I haven't been following how Hibernate deals with multi-tenancy, so I don't know if those two things are related, but I think if you could add a bit more details on what you are looking for, someone might be able to help.