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    JBoss 5.2 classloading question

    Phani K Newbie

      Hi All,


        I am having problem where a given jar file is not getting picked in my application.  My app is deployed in an external location and i package the code as a jar file and place it in <WAR_FOLDER>/WEB-INF/lib. This lib folder also contains other jar files application uses. When a defect needs to delivered to client we create a patch jar only the changed files and place it in WEB-INF/lib folder. But my changes in the patch is not getting prioritized over the original application packaged jar file. How can i solve this problem in JBoss.

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          jaikiran pai Master

          Having more than one jar with the same classes in the same classloader is always going to cause problems. There's no "priority" that you can assign. Since it's production, it's much more important that only the right jar (containing) the patch is placed in the application's classloader scope.

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            Phani K Newbie

            I set the following property:



            Patch URL is shown on the console while server startup, but still the patch changes are not getting applied.


            Here is the how the app is deployed:


            /home/qa/Myapp/build/deploy/app.war/WEB-INF/lib (contains all jar files including application jar file)

            /home/qa/Myapp/build/deploy/app.war/jars (contains patch jar)


            Is there anything wrong