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    Non-whitespace character found

    Morgan Kisienya Newbie


      As I have indicated before the help in this forum is much appreciated.


      I have a CSV with data to be inserted into MySQL. Some of the data is successfully inserted but some of the data generates the following error.


      TEIID30183 Text parse error: Non-whitespace character found between the qualifier and the delimiter in text line....


      The qualifier and the delimiter in my data are as follows



      I have released the error is generated when I have quotes within the text to be inserted e.g.

      "|"The quick brown fox "jumps over" the lazy dog"|"


      From my reading the solution would be to use TEXTTABLE() method to arrive at a solution.


      I have attached an image of the possible TEXTTABLE() function options from Teiid designer. Which one should work?


      Or this is this the approach to use?