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    Startup component

    Max Ozkin Apprentice

      Hi, is there a way in Switchyard to specify the code (for example in Bean component), which will be invoked at application startup time just before any other components in the application (or more precisely, before all service bindings in this app get activated)?

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          Tomohisa igarashi Master

          I don't think there's the one exactly you want, but the feature added after 2.0 release would help this situation:

          https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWITCHYARD-2646 - Add an option to disable auto startup on service bindings

          You can deploy a SwitchYard application with all service bindings stopped with this option, and later you can start those bindings from management interface after you perform anything you need. This will be available in Fuse 6.2.1 or next community release (not sure when/which version).