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    Question about Jbpm: for Master thesis

    Franz Mülller Newbie

      Hi guy's


      can you help me? i'm from Germany and Writing now my Bachelor Thesis,

      so can you answer some question? i need your help:


      1) Whan was jbpm started beeing programmed?

      2) for which the industry itself is JBPM good for? are there any industries?

      3)is JBPM good for large or small, middle business? or all of them?

      4) Which server operating system use JBPM?

      5) How many user can use this software at the same time?

      6) How many customer have JBPM?

      7) how many downloads have this software?

      8) Who is the owner of JBPM? is it redhat or the community?

      9) are there any pay edition of JBPM?



      I hope you guy's help me : thank your


      best regards