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    Problem add module options using the web admin console

    Nirlesh Patel Newbie

      Using WildFly 9.0.1-Final web Administration console - I am trying to enter module options for a security domain in "Module Options" text field on the "Authentication Modules" page.

      When I enter the following on the screen and save it




      what actually appears on the screen after saving is:


      and in the standalone-full.xml:

      <module-option name="principalDNSuffix" value=",ou"/>

      I have tried using double quotes and single quotes but I cannot get the correct value to be saved using the screen.

      What I want (without having to edit the xml file directly or using the CLI) is :

           <module-option name="principalDNSuffix" value=",ou=Users,dc=sqd,dc=sqd-console"/>