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    Send JMS message on remote queue

    JS Bournival Newbie


      I want to produce a JMS message on a remote queue.  I have 2 JBoss instances: one that hosts the queue, and one that produces the message.  I followed this blog post to guide me.


      On my JBoss «queue server» instance

      1) I have an inbound-socket-binding allowing remote client to connect

      2) I have a netty-acceptor using the inbound-socket-binding defined precedently

      3) I have a topic destination with 2 JNDI entries:


      java:jboss/exported/topic/changeNotificationTopic (according to the documentation, this is necessary to expose to remote client)


      On my JBoss «message producer» instance

      4) I defined an outbound-socket-binding pointing to my JBoss «queue server».

      5) I defined a netty-connector using the outbound-socket-binding defined precedently

      6) I defined a connection-factory using the netty-connector defined precedently


      Now, in my code, still on my JBoss «message producer» instance:

      7) I have a Spring bean that looks up the connection-factory, seem to be working fine, it's in its local JNDI tree

      8) I have a Spring that looks up the topic (topic/changeNotificationTopic)


      --> this is where it hurts. NameNotFoundException. It seem to perform the lookup on the local JNDI tree, and I don't know how to tell him to look up the topic on the JBoss «queue server» instance.