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    How to use jbpm comment with Seam


      I'm trying to add a comment to jbpm task instance via Seam injection as it's in Todo example one of the Seam examples.


      <task-node name="todo">
            <task name="todo" description="#{todoList.description}"> // this won't be injected as a comment
               <assignment actor-id="admin"/>
            <transition to="done"/>


      xhtml form


      <h:form id="customers" styleClass="edit">
               <h:inputText id="description" value="#{todoList.description}" style="width: 400"/>
               <h:commandButton id="create" value="Create New Item" action="#{todoList.createTodo}"/>




      //description getter/ setter
         public void createTodo() {}


      is this a bug ?


      I don't want to outject a field into business process context, it's considered as a jbpm variable instance is there any way that I can use jbpm comment ?