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    JBOSS 7 becomes unresponsive

    Sumit Bhawsar Newbie


      I am developing a JEE (client / server based) application by using EJB 3 on JBoss AS 7.x.x

      In this application, on server side I have a function that almost takes 45 minutes to complete.

      I dont want client to wait till this function completes so I annotated this function with @Asynchronous annotation.

      Now function behaves as expected that is, it immediately returns back to the client after calling the function and function keeps running in the server.


      The problem I am facing is,

      When client sends another request to call some other function, then jboss is not able to process this request. This new request hangs and dose not complete untill previous long running process completes.


      What I am expecting is, client should be able to send other request to server while this long process is running parallely.




      Please let me if any solution possible to this issue.




      Thanks All