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    Custom Class Loader in JBPM

    Abhishek Singh Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am working on a project which uses jBPM internally.

      I have two project requirement i.e

      1) The Action Handlers of the Nodes are stored in different location (database,network,etc)

      2) To  Load the Action Handlers at Runtime.

      I did some research and found out that I need to use Custom Class Loader

      and specify properties in the jbpm.cfg.xml file

                <string name="jbpm.classLoader" value="custom" />

                <string name="jbpm.customClassLoader.className" value="test.HandlerClassLoader" />

               <bean name="jbpm.processClassLoader" class="test.HandlerClassLoaderFactory" singleton="true" />


      The problem is the CustomClassLoaderUtil.java https://issues.jboss.org/secure/attachment/12318904/ClassLoaderUtil.java  , always returns a new instance of my class loader so if I have ten nodes in my Process Definition,

      my application will have ten custom class loader instances.

      how can I make my custom class loader instances be same across all nodes based on some criteria.

      please help,