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    make rule fire every 30 seconds when condition doesnt get met

    Ritesh Ganatra Newbie

      I am trying to do something like this:

      train Fact needs to be updated if GPS events arrive, to update its GPS Location. Now, if there are no GPS events for 40 seconds in a row, the confidence level of train drops by 5 (initial 100)


      rule "ConfidenceLevel_sliding" dialect "mvel" 


      $GPSEvent : GPSEvent($eventTrainID:trainID, $eventGPSLocation:GPSLocation) over window:time(40s)

      $train : Train(trainID==$eventTrainID,$confidenceLevel:confidenceLevel  )

      not(GPSEvent(this != $GPSEvent,trainID==$eventTrainID))



      System.out.println( "updated train information for trainID:" +$train.trainID +"\nnew Confidence Level:"+$train.confidenceLevel ); 


      now, the above is working fine when i send 2 GPSEvents within required time (40 Secs), and the rule fires if i fire second GPS event after 40 seconds




      clock.advanceTime(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);


      But then it doesnt continue firing every 40 seconds. I want the rule to decrease the confidence level every 40 seconds of not receiving a GPS Event for that train.

      Examples (what we want to achieve):

      1) I insert a train with confidence level 100, and never insert a GPS Event for the train, then every 40 seconds the confidence level should go down by 5

      2) I insert a train with confidence level 100, insert a GPS Event within 40 seconds, then the confidence level remains 100.


      Please help here.