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    can I disable git-based VFS and Maven from kie-wb [jBPM6.2.0.Final]

    Steven Hu Newbie

      In my case, I use Eclipse RCP to author the process diagram, and do not use the kie-wb to author the process diagram. The kie-wb is effectively as kind of process executor. My knowledge assets, aka kjar here, are deployed into kie base (Maven repository, org.guvnor.m2repo.dir and deploymentstore table) programmatically at the kie-wb startup stage. I indeed don't want the Maven too, but once I call the deployment service, the Maven repository is required.


      So if I don't want the Git repository (org.uberfire.nio.git.dir) and Maven repository installed on the kie-wb server, is there a way to disable the Git and Maven?  And can anybody explain what the relationship between Git, Maven, and the kie folder? 


      Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.