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    Does HornetQ Server in JBOSS 7.1.1.Final Clustering works (2 nodes) [not Solved]

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          Sorry for my misknowledge of the terms, I'm not J2EE expert nor Jboss one.


          I'm working on a 2 node, 2 boxes Jboss cluster using HornetQ server for JMS.

          The needs for Jboss Clustering is for Load Balancing & HA.


          We are using Tomcat as HTTP server, communicating with AS using EJB calls Load Balanced between 2 Jboss nodes (not effecient but working)

          On our application, we uses JMS Queues & Topics and we deploy same EAR on both nodes using CLI.


          This is working perfectly except 2 annoying things

      • we needed to remove 2nd Level caching from Eclipselink 2.6, due to some caching issues (poorly efficient but working) --> Solved using EclipseLink 2.6.1-RC1 + Jgroups 3.2.8
      • we are still blocked with the JMS Topic which is not replicated between the 2 nodes (Blocker for us, as we need to refresh data between Cluster nodes using Topics)


          I spent three days googling on forums, reading user manuals, testing some solutions, trying to make the Topic beeing replicated on 2 nodes without any success. topic created on box A is never replicated on Box B, so data are not synchs anymore.


          I've seen some JIRA issues solved in in Jboss7.2 or EAP6, but I'm not sure the Cluster JMS queue replication is working on JBossas7.1.1.Final.


          So my questions...

      • Does Topic replication works under our domain.xm configuration using HornetQ in Jboss as 7.1.1.Final?
      • Shall we configure HornetQ server outside Jboss VM using Live & Backup scenario (means extra maintenance) with 2 clusters susbcribing to it?


          I can off course send you my domain.xml & host.xml files, but I'm not sure the problems are in them.


      Thanks in advance for your answers,




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