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    Validation of SAML assertion present in soap message at Service Provider End



      Currently I am configuring Service Provider to handle soap message which contains the SAML assertion in jboss-eap-6.2 & picketlink-federation-2.7.0 .

      I want to validate this saml assertion against the key which i have with me in service provider.

      I am using Picketlink module to do handle it.

      I have configured Picketlink.xml for the key provider, handlers & also added filter in web.xml file as below



      but it is not able to process the incoming SAML assertion in soap message.

      I checked the source code of this filter & found that


      where the value of SAML_REQUEST_KEY is "SAMLRequest"

      So it is actually fetching the data from the request & not from the soap message.

      i think i missed some configuration in order to do it.

      So can anyone help me out in this ?