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    Not able to load jar in tmp/vfs/<war>/WEB-INF/lib

    Santosh Kumar Siliveru Newbie



      We have an application deployed as a war in Jboss eap 6.0.0. While application is deploying, we are getting some jsps, jars and a tld which are stored in DB and App server putting them in tmp/vfs/<WAR> location. Here the question is, though the jar is present in tmp directory, server is not able to pick the class file from the jar file. Same is the case with the tld file also. But the jsp are picking up correctly by Jboss.

      NOTE: These two files are not in the deployed war file. If I place these two files in the war directly and by restarting the server, everything is working fine. But it is not acceptable in our case.


      Please help me on this, how the app server can recognize the jar and tld files in tmp/vfs/<war>