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    Unable to access a configuration file (path issue?)

    Stephane MORIN Newbie



      I'm working on an application on jboss.  I've to create a configuration file into the JBOSS directories C:\Tools\wildfly-8.1.0.Final\domain\servers\ec-server-a1\configuration\ecisconfig.xml


      When I run the application, I have an error "java.io.IOException: The system cannot find the path specified".


      The application is working well except this module which require to create the configuration directory and to copy the file ecisconfig.xml into it. I've verified the access from system (all is ok).


      Any idea about the cause ? May I have to pay attention to declare this directory somewhere is JBOSS config ?


      My Wildfly version is Wildlfy Application Server  8.1.0.Final




      2015-09-16 14:16:23,850 ECDS_Worker-9 INFO  [com.ec.frmw.scheduler.Log4JLoggerPlugin                 ]  ---{Log Threshold   : DEBUG
      2015-09-16 14:16:23,895 ECDS_Worker-9 INFO  [com.ec.frmw.is.engine.config.service.ConfigService      ] Trying to read: C:\Tools\wildfly-8.1.0.Final\domain\servers\ec-server-a1\configuration\ecisconfig.xml
      2015-09-16 14:16:23,897 ECDS_Worker-9 ERROR [com.ec.frmw.is.engine.config.service.ConfigService      ] Caught IOException:

      java.io.IOException: The system cannot find the path specified