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    How to configure a ServerSessionPool in JBoss EAP 6

    Yves T Newbie



      I am trying to configure a Server Session Pool in JBoss in order to use it in a ConnectionConsumer for JMS ( javax.jms.ServerSessionPool ).

      There seems to be no usable information about that on the internet.


      Does anybody know how to


      1. ) Create a ServerSessionPool in JBoss

      2.) Use the ServerSessionPool in a Java Program


      Thanks in Advance


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          Justin Bertram Master

          The javax.jms.ServerSessionPool class is part of the JMS application server facilities.  The JMS 2.0 spec says this about the application server facilities in section 11.1:


          This chapter describes JMS facilities for concurrent processing of a subscription’s messages. It also defines how a JMS provider supplies JTA aware sessions. These facilities are primarily intended for the use of the JMS provider.


          If JMS clients use the JTA aware facilities the client program may be nonportable code, because JMS providers are not required to support these interfaces.


          The facilities described in this chapter are a special category of JMS. They are optional and might only be supported by some JMS providers.


          As you can see, these facilities are meant to be used by the JMS provider and the application server itself.  They aren't meant to be used by normal JMS clients.  Can you clarify why you need to create and use an instance of javax.jms.ServerSessionPool?