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    MariaDB clustered datasource migration from Jboss 5 to Wildfly 8


      We plan to migrate from Jboss 5 to Wildfly 8.2. On the database side, we have a three-node Galera cluster with MariaDB 10.

      On Jboss 5, we had the following setting in the ds.xml file:





      Everything worked well on Jboss 5. But I can't achieve the same on Wildfly 8.2. From the management console of Wildfly I was able to add a non-clustered datasource without problems and it works.

      Example URL: `jdbc:mysql://ip-node1/DBname`


      But when I try to add the clustered URL as above, I get the following error:


         Unexpected HTTP response: 500




              "address" => [

                  ("subsystem" => "datasources"),

                  ("xa-data-source" => "dsName")


              "operation" => "test-connection-in-pool"





          Internal Server Error


              "outcome" => "failed",

              "failure-description" => "JBAS010440: failed to invoke operation: JBAS010447: Connection is not valid",

              "rolled-back" => true




      How could I connect Wildfly to a clustered datasource? I know that it is possible to plug an external load balancer like HAProxy but I would prefer to keep the architecture as simple as possible.