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    Creating a datasource using jboss-cli only

    jochen laser Newbie

      Dear all


      I want to create a docker container running wildfly-9 domain.

      Once the  container is started, the container's setup process should  start wildlfly running domain.sh

      and then, when the server is up run jboss-cli.sh  to

      (1) Deploy the database driver

      (2) Create the Datasource

      (3) Deploy the application (in a war file)


      I do the first two steps in jboss-cli like so:


      (1)  deploy  --all-server-groups  --name=com.oracle.jdbc  ojdbc6_g.jar

      (2)  /profile=default/subsystem=datasources/data-source="objkat":add(jndi-name="java:jboss/jdbc/gefa/objektkatalog/main-data-source",max-pool-size=10,min-pool-size=5,driver-name="OracleJDBCDriver",connection-url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@eapp12.it.gefa.de:1521:eora",user-name="objkat",password="******")


      After that, I can see the Datasource in the web management console in profile=default, -> configuration, ->datasources.

      with the check for "enabled" beeing set.


      Also, I can see the datasource element in domain xml:


      <datasource jndi-name="java:jboss/datasources/gefa/objektkatalog/main-data-source" pool-name="objkat" enabled="true">














      However, when started up the application (of which I have a *.war only, and no source code) complains about the

      datasource not beeing accessible in via jndi.

      If I try to look it up in the web administration console's runtime->jndi view, I cannot find it.



      It seems that I am missing  some step in creating the datasource,  but what?


      THX in advance: