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    @WithAnnotations does not check interfaces for ProcessAnnotatedType

    Davide D'Alto Newbie

      In Hibernate Validator we have created an extension to validate

      the parameter of a method called.


      The extension looks like this:


      public class ValidationExtension implements Extension {




        public <T> void processAnnotatedType(@Observes @WithAnnotations({ Constraint.class, Valid.class, ValidateOnExecution.class }) ProcessAnnotatedType<T> processAnnotatedTypeEvent) {





      You can see the whole file on GitHub: https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-validator/blob/master/cdi/src/main/java/org/hibernate/validator/internal/cdi/ValidationExtension.java#L219


      Our current use case is the deployment of a WAR with a JSF ManagedBean that calls a StatelessBean, this are the classes in short:


      Managed Bean:


      @javax.faces.bean.ManagedBean(name = "greeter", eager = true)

      public class Greeter {


        private StatelessBeanInterface bean;


        public String getMessage() {

          return bean.lookup( null );




      Stateless bean interface:


      public interface StatelessBeanInterface {

        String lookup(@NotNull String text);



      Stateless bean implementation:



      public class StatelessBean implements StatelessBeanInterface {


        public String lookup(String text) {





      This commit add a test case to hibernate validator and show all the classes: https://github.com/DavideD/hibernate-validator/commit/9e86edcb87c6b1698ce64620680a1171cb713bff


      The problem we are having is that the stateless bean is not validated because ValidationExtension#processAnnotatedType does not get called as expected.


      Everything works fine if I apply one of the following changes:

      - add @NotNull to the signature of the implementation and not the interface;

      - remove the @WithAnnotations


      It seems the problem is that the annotation is defined on the interface instead of the class implementing it.

      Is this expected? Am I doing something wrong?