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    concurrent reading & read ahead with SimpleReadWriteEJBLock

    Arun K Newbie


      In my project we need to use read-ahead strategies. I have a situation where concurrent read access to the bean have to be allowed. Since for the read-ahead strategies to work the transaction attribute must be

      I have set it as Required.

      I have extended the Standard CMP entity bean and created a container configuration with
      as locking policy. For the beans I have specified the optimistic locking strategy with time-stamp column approach. The methods have a
      transaction attribute set.

      Now when concurrent read access occurs
      is happening due to read time out. I cannot use read only entity beans since such beans are not part of transaction and read ahead strategies will have a negative performance impact.

      Can somebody provide some clues to fix the issue?

      What I need is,
      1. Concurrent read access is permitted
      2. read-ahead strategies should work properly

      Any Ideas?

      Arun K