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    using standalone JBoss EL in JBoss AS 4.2.3.GA

    Thomas Goettlich Novice

      Hi, this might be the wrong forum, since JBoss EL is part of Seam, but I can't create new topics in the Seam forum. I also asked in the RichFaces forum, but the people there were not able to help me and told me to ask here again.

      I want to use JBoss EL without Seam and it seems to be possible. I found another thread that sais I should use el-api.jar (which I found in the server's lib) and replace el-ri.jar with jboss-el.jar.

      However, I could not find any el-ri.jar and just placing jboss-el.jar in the classpath didn't work.

      Is anyone here that can help me?

      Thanks in advance.