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    Is there a defined way to install two Wildfly 9 instances as windows services on the same box?

    Joe Nelson Newbie

      I have the requirement to run two standalone instances of Wildfly 9 as windows services on the same box. I could do this with JBoss 7 simply by defining a different JBOSS_HOME for the second instance and using that in the service install scripts.


      When I do that with Wildfly, it complains about it pointing to a different installation, but the installation still works and I can run both instances. But when I try to stop the second instance, it freezes and won't shut down. (I've also changed the control port.)


      I've seen several posts that talk about changing the login credentials, setting them during the install, etc. None of those changes seem to help.


      So what is the proper way to do this? I haven't been able to find it in any of the documentation.