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    Overall Connection Lifetime?

    Thomas Rois Newbie

      we've been happily using jboss for 4 months in production now,
      but it seems we have imported some major problems with our latest db-upgrade. Our Oracle-sessions fill up our memory, and because they are never closed, the database is getting slower and slower.

      I'm currently searching for a connection-pooling parameter that lets me do exactly the following: configure a timespan, that indicates how old sessions can be before they are discarded instead of returned to the pool.

      It is not important to
      - Check this while connection in use
      - Check this before connection is handed out

      It is not an option to use the connection-lifetime-property of the database, since this will cut our connections while working, as it is a hard-limit.

      this is the pseudocode of how this is handled in .net-databinding:

      http://blogs.msdn.com/angelsb/archive/2004/09/20/231963.aspx wrote:
      On SqlConnection.Close
      Check if time the connection has been open is greater than Connection Lifetime if it is, throw the connection away
      Else Put connection on the pool

      What I am searching is either:
      -pointers to an existing implementation
      -pointers to the best place to implement this myself.

      (though im not quite sure how to do this, i'd place my bet on subclassing org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.JBossManagedConnectionPool.BasePool - but again, i might be very wrong :) )

      Thnx for reading, Thnx in advance for answering,

      - Thomas