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    OnExit Script have some issues in BPMN2 Modeler

    cheirmarajan arumugasamy Newbie


      Some times the OnExit script data are not deleted properly in the process diagram xml.

      For Example:


      1. Put some SOP in a Rule Task OnEXIT Script section


      2.After saved the diagram removed your old SOP from that rule task and put some new SOP, save it.Now  open that task in BPMN modeler and see that task properties you can see your lated edited SOP only on screen.


      3.if you open the same diagram in XML editor where you can see your previous and latest SOP under your OnEXIT script tag.


      4.IF you deploy the same process with out any change and run then the system print that two SOP on console (it doesn,t take the latest from XML)


      The above mentioed proplem is not occur in all time thats why i am strange. As per my analyse this problem mostly occur while we edit the OnExit Script alone(IF we make t edit on OnEntry and OnExit of a task then that time modeler updates the XML properly not cause any issue)



      Note : I am using the Eclipse which is provided as part of  jbpm-6.1.0.Final-installer-full