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    deploy --name ignores deployment descriptor

    Arnold Brown Newbie

      jboss eap 6.3


      when I deploy an ejb with


      deploy /tmp/testmdb.jar --server-groups=server-group-two --name=testmdb


      it ignores the deployment descriptors (META-INF/jboss-ejb3.xml, META-INF/ejb-jar.xml) and looks for annotation only, when I deploy with


      deploy /tmp/testmdb.jar --server-groups=server-group-two


      deployment descriptors are used.


      Is this by design ?

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          yes it is by design.


          deploy /tmp/testmdb.jar --server-groups=server-group-two --name=testmdb

          what this does it to deploy file named "testmdb" and because it has no extension, server cannot know what kind of deployment it is and doesn't scan for deployment descriptors.


          all you need to change is to use also extension.

          so your command should be


          deploy /tmp/testmdb.jar --server-groups=server-group-two --name=testmdb.jar


          why your second command works is because by default name is the name of original file you uploaded.