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    Jboss EAP Hardware requirements

    cheerrzup cheerrzup Newbie



      My team is planning to start a project based on Jboss technologies including Jboss EAP, Drools rule engine, Jboss Dashboard.


      Application will perform real time analytics, so we expect high load (may need thousands of records to be processed in a given duration). I am trying to understand the basic hardware requirements in terms of RAM, Hard disk, and CPU for the installation.


      Does Jboss recommend any minimum RAM, Hard disk, and CPU? if not, what are the typical values for an application using Jboss technologies?




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          Lyle Wang Novice

          Actually most of computers nowadays can afford that if running BPM Suite with default settings.

          Take BPM Suite 6.1 as example,

          2GB free mem. is adequate for the default JVM settings:  "-Xms1303m -Xmx1303m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m",

          and a default installation takes around 600MB disk space.

          BPM Suite has a local repository needs some extra space, depends on the size of your project.

          CPU, even old single core cpu should run it.


          Sometimes I run multiple EAP / BPMS instances on my laptop.


          To meet your specific performance requirements, " thousands of records to be processed in a given duration" you can start some performance testings with all default settings, then tune it according to the bottleneck you find in your testing.

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            Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

            If you have not a very small lightweight application the requirements is only related to the application, there is no huge overhead.

            It depends on how many parallel requests you are running and what size application objects are.

            There is no exact forcast possible without have a deeper understanding of the application.

            Best way is to measure it.