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    Requests are blocked

    Andreas Wagner Newbie

      Hi, we are running are application on WildFly 9. We have a problem that it looks like something is blocking the whole application. Our application consists of a web-application where users can login and work and also some mobile-clients (=android-apps) are sending data to the server. Sometimes the server is getting really slow. When we try to login we have to wait pretty long. What we can see from the logs that everytime this happens the apss are sending some bigger data (pictures) to the server. This is logged and afterwards the system is working normal again. First we thought the problem is the number of io-threads and we already increased this. It looked like to get a bit better. But we still have the same problems. Can it be that logging the whole pictures as "string" is blocking the application? Or do you have any other ideas?


      Oh and the apps are communicating through http with the server


      Thanks in advance