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    jms security settings has no effect

    Pascal Stieber Newbie

      My scenario is as follows:

      I'am running a jboss final 9 (an tried Version 8 as well) as application Server. There is just a simple webapp deployed and a simple Sender/Receiver bean working with jms Topics. I added a topic in my standalone-full.xhtml in jboss:messaging section. Furthermore I added a adminDomain section underneath the jboss:messaging block. The adminDomain is also configured and works fine. I also configured roles for my defined topic.

      So if I run my application, i estimate a security exception, but the jms topic producer and consumer work as well, even i am not logged in to my web application (log in would create the required role for sending and consuming the topic).

      I'm struggling for days, so I would thankful about getting some advice!


      Pascal S.