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    SOAP web address when migrating from glassfish

    Steve Fisher Newbie

      One of my components exposes both a restful and a soap interface. I want to use the same client whether I deploy to Glassfish or Wildfly (9.0.1.Final)


      My soap class is annotated:



      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://icatproject.org"

      public class ICAT { ...


      and I have a jboss-web.xml with   <context-root>/icat</context-root>

      and a glassfish-web.xml with   <context-root>icat</context-root>


      the restful web services are then available with calls such as http://localhost:8080/icat/version when deployed within either glassfish or wildfly. However the wsdl


      on glassfish is at: http://localhost:8080/ICATService/ICAT?wsdl


      and on wildfly is  at http://localhost:8080/icat/ICAT?wsdl


      The wildfly one is much more sensible however is there some way I can make it look like the glassfish one? Note that glassfish has ignored the context and put ICATService there instead.