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    Validation error after migrating to 9.0.1 from 8.1.0

    Dominik Beste Newbie



      After migrating to Wildfly 9 from Wildfly 8, I get errors about my converters being null, for all converters, except the converter that appears first on the xhtml code. For example, If I have this code:


      @FacesConverter(value = "FooConverter")// also tried using forClass instead, but also doesn't work: (forClass = Foo.class)

      public class FooConverter implements Converter {


      @FacesConverter(value = "BarConverter")

      public class BarConverter implements Converter {


      And this XHTML code:



      <p:selectOneMenu converter="FooConverter">



      <p:selectOneMenu converter="BarConverter">





      Then, FooConverter would work, but BarConverter wouldn't work and I get null pointer exceptions. On Wildfly 8, the same code works just fine.


      Any ideas what has changed from 8 to 9, that might be causing this? Any ideas how to make it work on Wildfly 9?