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    Send an extra email notification through the function of schedule job in SPRING Framework

    Kam Chee Lau Newbie

      When I run a cronjob triggered by springframework scheduling.quartz(Refer to below picture)

      cron job.jpg



      for sending email notification at 08:45am everyday, I receive an email notification at 08:45am but I also receive an extra email notification sent from server at 07:00am. I set the running time of this cronjob to 07:00am half year ago but I reschedule to 08:45am now. I have checked the email server and it. The version of springframework I used is 3.0.6(Refer to below picture).





      At first, I guess that some obsolete cache files and temporary files are stored in the temporary folder of JBOSS server(folder location: {file path}/jboss/server/default/tmp/deploy/).

      This may be a bug of JBOSS 4.2.3. Therefore, I remove all the temporary files in the temporary folder and restart JBOSS server but the problem still exists. Does anyone know the root cause of it? Any temporary folder used by springframework that I need to remove?