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    ha-policy in WildFly 10

    Francesco Marchioni Apprentice

      Hi all!

      I wanted to hear your opinion about the current messaging ha-policy which ships with WildFly 10. As I undestand, the choice of the clustering policy can be defined via elements of the ha-policy:

      • ha-policy=live-only
      • ha-policy=replicated-slave
      • ha-policy=replicated-colocated
      • ha-policy=shared-store-master
      • ha-policy=shared-store-slave
      • ha-policy=shared-store-colocated

      Being defined by an element (instead of a variable), this defeats the purpose, in domain mode, to assign a ha-policy to one server (via variables that can be overriden in the single server section). Is there any other mechanism that can be used to define ha-policy (for each server) when running Domain mode ?