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    how to extend an already deployed application

    Csaba Szucs Newbie

      Hello JBoss Users,

      we are developing a JBoss-based reporting application with a web ui to trigger report generation jobs. We have currently 10 different types of reports that can be generated by this application.
      There is a requirement to let the end-user extend the application with new report types. So end users should be able to integrate new report types into the application in a hot deployment style, so without the demand of stopping/undeploying the application during the extension's time.

      Is there any standard way/design pattern/solution to do this within JBoss?

      (my very first unexperienced idea would be using JBoss OSGi: there would be an extension point for a new report type, and there would be one extension for every new report type or developing some specialised JBoss file scanner/deployment scanner is a feasible solution for that?).

      Many thanks in advance!