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    How reference to jar-file that exists in ear-file from external module

    Ville Korppi Newbie

      Is there any way to reference jar-file in ear-file from module.xml. I have jar-file that has dependency to other jar-file that exists in ear-file.

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          Jay SenSharma Master



             It is not a good practice to try referencing the Jar file (library) of an EAR from an outside JBoss module.  As applications (like EAR/WAR...) are "Dynamic Modules" and the JBoss Modules which we create inside the "$JBOSS_HOME/modules" directory are considered as "Static Modules"


             We should try to avoid all the scenarios where the Static modules will try to attempt to access the resources/jars present inside the Dynamic Modules (deployed applications).


             But using TCCL it should be possible to do so,



             If you have following kind of code present inside your "Static Module"


          public class MyModuleClass {
                  public static void someMethod(String dynamicModuleResource) {
                       InputStream is =  Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(dynamicModuleResource);   
                       // Suppose dynamicModuleResource="/META-INF/something.properties"
                        // try reading the above stream.


             And if you application which is deployed to the JBoss EAP6 has the following kind of code:


          public MyEJB {
                public void test{} {
                      MyModuleClass.someMethod("/META-INF/something.properties");         // this file is present inside the EJB JAR


          But that is not always possible in case of third party APIs where you do not have much options to use the TCCL.