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    JBoss 5 is not starting my Datasource

    Paul Risenhoover Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am running a web application with a DB2 datasource in production right now. I've installed JBoss 5 (beta1) and copied my db2-ds.xml and my webapp.war file to the deploy directory.

      When I started Jboss, it appears to load properly, but skips the loading of the datasource, goes directly to the web app, and when the web app tries to start it errors because it can't find the datasource.

      When I start the system using 4.2.0, I can see a message in the server.log files that the DataSource is created available (it even confirms it's a DB2 datasource), but I don't see any of that in the v5 server.log.

      I thought that, perhaps the deployment ordering might have changed, but I looked in the org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer-xmbean.xml file and it appears my files are named properly ( *-ds.xml should deploy before *.war).

      The only difference is that with the v 5.0 server, I had to "explode" my war file in the deployment directory because it was getting a "zip file is closed" error. Could this be the problem?

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          Paul Risenhoover Newbie

          I checked the web console and I was able to confirm that, in fact, Jboss is starting my data source properly. That said, it appears that my application cannot find it.

          I have tried various combinations of jndi names on both sides : java:xxx_prod_ds and just xxx_prod_ds but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

          Keep in mind that I've got the proper jndi names configured in my 4.2 instance and just copied those files over.